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Rigoli Thunderjet Printer

The World’s Fastest Wide Format Inkjet Printer


The Rigoli Thunderjet wide  format printer targets several print applications, including CAD, AEC, GIS and point-of-sale graphics with a combination of speed and quality never before thought possible.

Inside the Thunderjet  is a revolutionary Memjet technology with five printheads for single-pass wide format printing of uncompromised speed and quality. Compared to traditional inkjet, the Thunderjet   prints up to eight times faster for incredible job turnaround times and attractive total cost of ownership.

Coupled with some of the most environmentally friendly inks available and very low power consumption, the Thunderjet wide format printer is not only fast, flexible and of premium quality, but also a friendly product for our environment.

The Rigoli Thunderjet  Print Engine features over 350,000 nozzles (70,400 nozzles per printhead x 5 printheads) that deliver millions of drops of ink every second. Our 8.77-inch-wide printhead delivers 1,600 dpi native print resolution in process color (CMYK). Our 42” (1067mm) wide print engine is capable of printing on-demand print speeds of 6 inches (150mm) or 12

inches (300mm) per second. A standard D size or A1 size plot can be printed in 2 or 4 seconds respectively. Each ink color is delivered via a large bulk ink tank (2 liters or 10 liters).


  • Single pass thermal inkjet
  • Four colors – CMYK
  • Dye based aqueous inks, Colors: CMYKK
  • Cartridge sizes 2 litre or 10 litre (optional)


  • Fixed thermal printhead
  • Five color channels – CMYKK
  • 70,400 nozzles
  • 1,2 pL droplet size
  • Black or Colour outpur
  • Upto 1600 dpi print quality

Print speed

  • 30 cm/s (12 ips) or 15 cm/s (6 ips)
  • 1000 sq.m/hour (9,688 sq.ft/h) or 450 sq.m/h (4,844 sq.ft/h) graphics
  • 450 separate sheets DIN A0/hour CAD/GIS (932 or 466 ANSI E size/hour)

Media format

  • Width: 210 mm (8.27”) to 1067 mm (42”)
  • Length: 210 mm to 200 meters
  • Thickness: 80 gsm to 300 gsm
  • Continuous roll or cut sheet on plain (CAD), matt, glossy, satin, backlit, self -adhesive, PE, PP, blueback and other inkjet-coated media

Media handling

  • Heavy duty 2 rolls
  • Printhead alignment is stored “per roll” to allow for different media
  • 200m rolls (dependent upon media thickness)
  • 3 inch core media
  • Manual sheet feed – max 500 micron
  • Roll changing during printing
  • Roll-to-Sheet, Roll-to-fold, Roll-to-roll (in development), Sheet-to-Sheet

User interface

  • Intuitive graphical user interface on touchscreen display
  • ‘Liberty’ printer control software
  • Caldera GrandRIP+ software
  • Caldera Easymedia profiling and color management
  • Caldera Costproof (option)

Controller configuration

  • Intel® Pentium Dual Core Processor
  • 4GB, DDR3, 1600MHz memory
  • 120GB SATA3 2,5” SSD
  • Intel® Integrated Graphics
  • Windows 7 Professional

Supported clients

  • Caldera
  • TG Soft
  • Windows driver for Windows 7 and XP

Finishing & accessories

  • Built-in X-axis cutter
  • Online folder: 9m/min, 18m/min, 250 A0 CAD/CAM, fan fold or cross fold
  • Online stacker: auto forwarding and leveling

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